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Wellpath Community Care Centers understand the importance of individualized treatment and that substance use disorders cannot be treated through a “one-size-fits-all” method. To support patients in addressing underlying issues surrounding their substance use disorder, Wellpath Community Care Centers provide a wide range of core and ancillary services.




Each patient is assessed through the application of formal and informal psychosocial assessment, behavioural status examination and, as needed, other specialized assessments. An interpretive summary is formulated from this process which includes central theme(s) apparent in the presentation of the patient, emphasis of medical, psychosocial, spiritual and social histories of the patient, patient’s perception of their needs, strengths, limitations, and problems, clinical judgements of the positive and negative factors that will affect patient’s course of treatment, recommended treatments and general discussion of the anticipated level of care, length, and intensity of treatment and expected goals. A problems list will be generated from the problems indicated in the psychosocial assessment.

Medical Services

Prior to admission, each patient is seen by the program physician or other licensed practitioner who assesses the individual using ASAM criteria and makes proper DSM V diagnosis. The program physician or practitioner will perform a medical examination and develop appropriate medical orders for induction of care. Medical services also include assessing individuals for risk factors such as STD, HIV and Hepatitis.

Individual Counseling

Psychotherapy or individual counseling is a treatment and/or recovery service consisting of a private, verbal interaction with a counselor and patient that focuses on the patient’s treatment and/or recovery needs. Individual counseling aims to address past, present and current illicit substance use and/or behaviors to address both the symptoms and root cause of illicit substance use and serves as a monitor of the recovery process. Individual counseling allows for greater attention addressing stages of recovery, individualized guidance with psychosocial issues that have motivated illicit substance use, and a secure environment to address sensitive topics that have contributed to or perpetuate continued use of illicit substances.

Group Counseling

Another form of psychotherapy, group counseling is a treatment and/or recovery service consisting of verbal interaction between a counselor and specified number of patients. Group counseling offers patients education about the recovery process, provides support and motivation from peers to maintain individual recovery goals, gives patients the opportunity to observe issues encountered by others in recovery and observe their methods of problem solving, teaches healthy coping skills to manage daily stressors and increases structure and routine in the lives of patients involved.

Family Counseling and Support

Wellpath Community Care understands that when a family member is experiencing a behavioural or substance use disorder, it can affect more than just the person in need of recovery treatment. The integrated treatment clinicians understand the unique challenges that come from helping a loved one with a behavioural illness or substance use disorder. It can be taxing and family members or supports need to take steps to prioritize their own health in addition to the support they provide for patients involved in recovery treatment. In response to this need, Wellpath Community Care encourages family involvement for those patients who identify the desire or are deemed appropriate for such service. Including the family or identified supports in a patient’s treatment may be beneficial to increase family awareness/information on substance use and behavioural illness which shall better prepare families to support themselves and the patient involved.”

Integrated Treatment Planning

The counselor and the patient develop an individualized treatment plan that addressed both short- and long-term needs. After the treatment plan is developed, it is regularly updated in accordance with Federal, State and local regulations or as needs change.

Laboratory Services

Wellpath Community Care laboratory services (are provided through agreement with a local laboratory). Laboratory services include urine drug screening, urine analysis and other tests ordered by the program physician.


Case Management Services – Case management is a service that assists patients to access needed medical, educational, social, recreational, prevocational, vocational, rehabilitative, legal, or other community services. Case management services include comprehensive assessment and periodic reassessment of individual needs to determine the need for continuation of case management services; transition to higher or lower level of substance use disorder care, development and periodic revision of a patient plan which includes services activities, communication, coordination, referral and related activities; monitoring service delivery to ensure patient access to service and the service delivery system; monitoring patient progress in treatment; patient advocacy, linkages to physical, behavioral and dental health care, and transportation and retention in primary care services.

Recovery Support Services – Recovery support services are provided to a patient to maintain the patient’s abstinence from illicit use of drugs and/or alcohol, maintain recovery, and to maintain any goal or objective that the patient achieved throughout their course of treatment for their substance use disorder(s). Recovery services can include any service which is designated to initiate, support and enhance recovery. The services include recovery monitoring and substance abuse assistance, recovery counseling, education and job skills, family support, support groups and other ancillary services as needed.